Make Your Face Glow

Make Your Face Glow

A glowing, shining skin denotes good health. Nothing is more important than to have a healthy, wholesome life. By following an active lifestyle, exercising, eating in moderation and nurturing your soul and spirit goes a long way in keeping your face and overall skin looking soft and beautiful. In addition, you can apply some of these simple, home-made masks and scrubs to add more luster to your face.

Make Your Face Glow

Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can find amazing products in your pantry to make your skin glow every day? The scrubs and masks described below can be made from ingredients such as eggs, honey, gram flour, turmeric, yogurt and almond oil. This article attempts to offer some examples that I have used over the years that have helped improve my skin considerably.

One of my favorites is a very simple mask. It is a mix of egg whites, turmeric, gram flour, yogurt and honey.

Beat the egg white till it fluffs up a bit. Then, add a pinch of turmeric and gram flour. Add honey and yogurt to make a paste. Apply it to your face till it dries and wash it off in warm water. You face shines in its natural glow.

The next is a scrub. I learnt how to make this while growing up in India. We did not use soaps to wash our face. We used an orange scrub along with gram flour and honey to wash our faces. This is a fantastic scrub if you have acne or have blemishes or black heads.

After eating an orange, take the peel and dry it in the sun. After it hardens then grind it into a powder. Keep a stock of the orange peel to use throughout the year, if you can.

Orange Peel scrub:
Take a tablespoon of orange peel powder with cold milk and honey. Mix into a paste and scrub it on your face.

Your face becomes clean and shines blemish less after using just once. Use it every day if you can. As you age, your face will thank you profusely for your efforts. You can also use yogurt instead of milk. However, honey and gram flour are necessary.

Cucumber mask for acne and blemished skin:
Mash a cucumber and yogurt in equal proportion. Add honey and apply to your face until it is dry. Wash it with warm water.

This is a great mask even if you don’t have acne or blemishes. Just before a party, if you want to apply a mask that works wonders, this would be the one. Cucumber, yogurt and honey can be added to any fruit like strawberries or papaya and mashed together for a similar effect.

Cantaloupe mask:
Take a few drops of the juice of cantaloupe and add to a mashed cucumber, yogurt, honey and almond oil for 20 minutes. Drink the rest of the juice of the cantaloupe.

The after effects of the juice and the application of this mask are amazing to behold.

Banana mask:
Take a ripe banana and mash it really well. Take honey and mix it really well. Apply it on your face for at least 10 minutes.

This mask tightens your face and help keep wrinkles off. If you already have a few that have made their unwelcome appearance, this mask can be applied to hide those pesky lines.

Some of the ingredients may be unfamiliar to you. However, they are available in grocery stores. Turmeric is widely available. It is an antiseptic and is used as a spice in all Indian curries. Gram flour is also used in Indian food. However, it has a wider appeal to skin specialists and cosmetologists given its blemish fighting properties. As for honey, it is the best thing you can use for your skin and have a spoonful every day for overall good health. In fact, local honey is fantastic in fighting allergies from pollen. Don’t forget, of course to drink plenty of mineral water throughout the day.

These are very simple ideas for home made masks and scrubs. It is very important to have good skin for both men and women. A glowing one is an added bonus.

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