DIY Homemade Concealer Ingredients


IN Dark circles and blemishes are always makes mad about choosing the best concealer, we always tried out different concealer just to hide ugly dark circles and blotchy areas. Some days before I tried out the easy homemade concealer and my face looks flawless.

DIY Homemade Concealer – Complementary and Alternative

You just need

  1. Jojoba oil 4 parts
  2. Carnauba wax 1 part
  3. Essential oil 2 drops
  4. Mineral makeup Base (recipe below)
  5. Container
DIY Homemade Concealer Ingredients

DIY homemade concealer ingredients

Add jojoba oil in melted wax and reheat, mix mineral makeup base and stir well until incorporated and smooth.

You can add mineral makeup base according to desire consistency, cool it, and put in container or tube.

Mineral Makeup Base Recipe

  1. Silk Mica 3 parts
  2. Magnesium Separate 1 part
  3. Zinc Oxide 1 part

1 pinch of Iron oxide in combination of Yellow, brown or red to get desire shad. Blend all ingredients and enjoy

your best mineral make up base in homemade concealers.

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